Debruynpark Pharma Friend Pharmacy in Pretoria, South Africa

At Pharma Friend

One Hour Photo Development Lab
A photo lab is available on the premises offering one hour development of photographs, digital photo printing on CD's, floppy discs, memory sticks, multimedia SD cards, and memory cards.

Photographs for ID documents, passports, visas and driving licenses can be taken at the Lab.

Photocopying facilities and fax services are also available.
Efficient staff are on hand at the photo lab Photocopying done while you wait
Digital photo’s at R2-50 per photo, 24 exposure at R55-95, 36 exposure at R69-95

Digital ID document/Passport/Visa/License photos:
Set of 4 colour photos at R25-00, black & white at R20-00
Set of 6 colour photos at R35-00, black & white at R30-00

American Visa photos (5” x 5”) colour or black & white
Set of 4: R40-00
Set of 6: R45-00
Processed while you wait !!!
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